What we offer

networkx is a platform that prequalifies and matches innovators, visionaries and changemakers with exclusive clubs around the world!

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What we offer for Club Applicants

networkx equips great people that have innovative ideas and want to contribute to other peoples life and the world in general with the network they need by admitting them to exclusive clubs. networkx redefines exclusivity and admits people independently of ethnic origin, gender or social heritage.We open doors to the most illustrious private membership clubs worldwide...For a bright future!

Insightful & Easy to Use

networkx suggests you an overview of the clubs they are eligible for at a selected location. You can easily manage your application process on the platform.


We assess you, not your upbringing, gender, and suggests suitable clubs.


Networkx encourages its members to make their visions & ideas come to life by joining clubs and by guiding them through the application process.

Be among our exclusive clubs

What we offer for Clubs

networkx is a lead generation platform for exclusive clubs. We assist you with over aging, diversity & inclusion, growth and expansion challenges by sourcing and qualifying suitable members for you. You can easily manage your applicants on our platform.

No risk & no negative liquidity effects

You just pay if we are successful*. For every new member we provide you, you pay 20% on the initiation fee and the annual dues for the first 4 years. You just pay if they stay.

Pool of the best

Our applicant pool consists of interesting, diverse, bright individuals who want to contribute to the world.

Customised Selection

We co-create the prequalification algorithm together with you. We can provide you with exactly the members you want and need, based on your personal criteria!

About the Clubs

Our club portfolio consists of exciting business, private member, polo, service, sports car and arts clubs.

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Some of our clubs

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What is networkx?

networkx is an AI-based platform that prequalifies and matches innovators, visionaries and changemakers with exclusive clubs around the world.

How much does networkx cost for club applicants?

networkx use is currently free of charge for club applicants.

How does networkx makes a living?

networkx is paid by the clubs.

What happens if I am rejected by networkx?

Do not take it personal. There are various reasons for it. You can apply again in 6 months time.

Are club fees more expensive if I apply via networkx?

No, club fees are the same. 

When and why was networkx founded?

Priscilla founded networkx in 2022. Exclusive clubs changed Priscilla`s life and now she wants you to experience the same!

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