An AI-based platform that prequalifies and
matches visionaries and changemakers with
exclusive clubs around the world

How does networkx help club applicants?

The global club landscape lacks transparency for prospects

No knowledge

Many people do not know about the existence of such clubs and which could be suitable for them.

Intransparent selection

There is no overview of clubs, their prices and eligibility criteria.


Many people are interested but think they are not good enough or do not know how to approach clubs or they lack references.

Applicants are qualified based on their own personality & achievements and are enabled to grow & rise across clubs


networkx suggests users an overview of the clubs they are eligible for at a selected location. Users can see fotos, descriptions, categories and pricing.


The algorithm is co-created by each clubs. networkx assesses the user, not its upbringing, gender, and suggests suitable clubs.


networkx encourages its members to make their visions & ideas come to life by joining clubs and by guiding them through the application process.

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