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By Dr. Priscilla Schelp

Whatever you think is visible


Through this template, our aim is to quickly introduce you & your key achievements, take in one of your key moments of enlightenments regarding choosing people and private & professional networking and club life. We are looking for crisp and perspicacious answers between 300-500 words for the same. Please also provide us with a headshot and a image from you in a club or enjoying networking at another location.


Name: Dr. Priscilla Schelp

Occupation / Company: Founder & CEO, networkx GmbH

Key Achievement: Founding networkx 😊

Networking insight that blew my mind:

My public speaking coach was an actress at the theatre for a long time. She shared an acting advice with me that is also very applicable for public speaking and networking. She said: “Thoughts set muscles free”, that means EVERYTHING you think is in some way visible to the other person. The other person sees or feels if what you say or how you behave is not matching what you think – through inconsistencies. Series like “Lie to me” or “The mentalist” are a good example for it. So instead of being concerned about what others think of you or telling yourself that you are in networking, so that: When meeting people, focus on them instead of you. Be curious about getting to know the other person. Be excited about listening to them. That is the true game changer…How your eye contact is and if you have your hands out of your pockets …these are just treating the symptoms. So, focus on what is going on in your head!


Favorite Club (and what you love most about it):

Baltic Polo Community, I love the openness of the club. They are super welcoming!


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