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By Amanda Fornal

Networking as an Introvert


Name: Amanda Fornal (on the picture you can see her dog SONA - networkx mascot)

Occupation / Company: 25 years in Technology & Business Consulting

Key Achievement: Interviewed 600+ people from more than 70 countries about love – their definition of love as well as what type of love they value the most and why. Love is… 

Networking insight that blew my mind: As someone who leans towards shyness and introversion, networking was not on my radar. The first time it was described to me, the entire concept blew my mind a bit. A friend shared with me that people were eager to take him to lunch to discuss his work. It took a few years, but in 2021, I started attending online networking events, and I am so happy that I did. The great thing about events that are specifically set up for networking is that they do the introductions for you 😊.


Favorite Club (and what you love most about it):

I have only had the opportunity to visit one networkx club so far and it was a beautiful day outdoors with the Baltic Polo Community. The ponies are amazing and the people were welcoming.

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