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What is networkx?

networkx is an AI-based platform that prequalifies and matches innovators, visionaries and changemakers with exclusive clubs around the world!


networkx’ founder Priscilla got into one of the best German management clubs at the age of 19 by winning a Junior Management Award. When she moved around the world because of her consulting work she joined several amazing clubs in various countries. She noticed that these clubs are an untapped opportunity for young changemakers and visionaries. However, intransparency with regards to the club landscape, entry requirements and application process are holding many interested people back. On the other hand clubs are seeking to attract new inspiring members. networkx makes the match!


networkx aims to connect changemakers and visionaries with the best clubs in the world! Thereby the club applicants get equipped with the network they need to make their visions and ideas come to life. This enables them contribute to the world and the future. On the other hand networkx serves the legacy of the clubs to bring them into the future by providing them younger, suitable and motivated members to revitalize them and enable healthy expansion while maintaining exclusivity and staying true to their purpose.


It is our responsibility and honor to be able to contribute to the world and to a bright, loveable and safe future. The club landscape did and does contribute to economic prosperity and international relations to ensure exactly that. Start-ups and generally the next generations drive innovations and new ideas. Bring both together and change the world!


networkx is an Artificial Intelligence based platform. The platform can be used by individuals and organizations to search and apply for clubs. Clubs receive, can review and manage applicants

Artificial Intelligence

networkx is an Artificial Intelligence based platform. The Artificial Intelligence is applied for the filtering and rating mechanism.
It does not say anything about your awesomeness. Like a dating platform it just states how close you match with the clubs requirements and purpose.

Namsor: AI fairness toolkit and diversity analytics

We use namsor artificial intelligence bias and fairness toolkit and we’re building innovative dashboards
to help our member clubs reach their diversity objectives. 

Your user journey as a club applicant

Your user journey as
a club

Who is it For ?


Every well-educated/ambitious innovator, changemaker or visionary who seeks a network to increase their personal and professional impact.


Every profit or non-profit oriented firm that wants to grow and expand their footprint.


Private member, business and management clubs and philanthropic/ international relations focused clubs around the world.


Founder CEO & CMO

Manager, Moderator & PhD Pro-networker & Club Expert

Carsten Bartsch

Managing Director

Owner & MD of his own IT company

Advisory Board

Jeanette Okwu

Advisory Board Member Ops & HR
Founder & CEO Marketing Agency, Luxury Industry Expert, Influencer Marketing

Tabea Hoefig

Advisory Board Member Digital
Digital Economy Advisor GIZ, Digital, Start-ups, Strategy & Ops and Risk & Crisis Mgt.

Adrian Dörr

Advisory Board Member Legal

London-based Lawyer, PhD Candidate, Oxford Graduate, Model and Networker

Michaela Mumm-Von Oldenburg

Advisory Board Member Clubs

Practicing Lawyer, MD of the largest female business club “Red Club”, Expert on Clubs, Events & Charity

To be disclosed

Waiting for Compliance Approval

To be disclosed

Waiting for Compliance Approval


We are happy that you are as thrilled us about networkx.
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